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    Investment: $13.65 million

    Build-up area: 2150,000 ft2 ,

    Production area: 97,000 ft2 ,design and manufacturing and major assembly line





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   As the starting business of our company, in the past 10 years, we’ve delivered many tooling to Airbus, Avic, Bombardier and their tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers, we've accumulated lots of experiences on manufacturing and delivering, and got wide recoganition from customers.




  Aerospace Jigs & Tooling



A320 Slat Assembly Line  Cseries Doors Assembly Line  General Aviation Assembly Line
 Cargo Door Assembly Jig  Service Door Assembly Jig  Escape Door Assembly Jig
Rear Barrel Assembly Jig  Fuselage Panel Assembly Jig  Pilot Floor Assembly Jig
Bypass Duct Assembly Jig Aileron Assembly Jig   Flexible Rudder Assembly Jig
GA Wing Assembly Jig GA Fuselage Assembly Jig GA Horizontal Stablizer Assembly Jig
Fuselage Barrel Transport Fixture Transport Trolley UTC nacelle
Layup Mould for Composite Naccelle Layup Mould for Aileron Panel  Layup Mould & Cutting Fixtures
Complex Drill Template Drill Template  Extra Thin Drill Template